When I ask myself “What do I admire most in a person?” I’ve found that the answer is usually the same – regardless if I’m discussing a Kardashian or a spiritual leader. I admire those who are fearless about their lives, kind, hard working, focused and most importantly those who simply enjoy their lives. I’ve realized that it all ties together – when you feel good, you do good and when you do good, you feel good -it’s literally that simple. I hope you enjoy these tips to becoming your best self yet!

Be Fearless!

I feel that fear is the number one thing that limits people from their full potential and  dreams. I mean, what would you be doing right now if you knew without a doubt that you would not fail? Fear can make it difficult for us to be our authentic selves and pursue the opportunities that excite us. But you have to believe that you are unique and not dilute that uniqueness by trying to fit in with everyone else. Please learn to never take NO as a final answer, be spontaneous, take ownership of your life and go after the opportunities that excite and feel right for you! I mean this is who you are and you are an original, why conform in an effort to be like everyone else?

Be Kind!

Kindness is something that is extremely under rated but of great value – who doesn’t love being around nice people. Nothing is extraordinary about being mean to others. Live in a way that you enrich the lives of those around you. I always want people to leave my presence feeling better off not worse. I want to add to peoples energy, not take away from it. I’ve found that what you give is what you get. Of course we all will have our bad days but it’s a little easier to get back on track when you make kindness a habit. It’s the easiest thing in the world to be rude and to retaliate to those that have hurt us or been unkind. But always remember what goes around comes around and that karma is a mighty force.

Work Hard!

This is an important one! Work hard because your dreams do require action and nothing worth having is easy. I know from personal experience the reward one feels from accomplishing their goals, it’s a high in and of itself and completely worth it. Be careful with in decision and procrastination as these actions will take away from the fulfillment of your dreams. Even worse  by being indecisive and procrastinating a lot time can go by ultimately leaving you feeling defeated. Remember people are out there living the life of your dreams – why can’t you do the same as well?

Stay Focused!

Prioritize yourself as number one! Don’t allow the annoying things that life throws at you lead you off course. I’ve found that in life it is so easy to simply fall off. You can talk about wanting to do the same thing for 5 years and when you take a look back, it’s like wow all this time has gone by and I haven’t done anything (travel, lose weight, go back to school — I mean this list can be endless) but I still want to do all these things. It’s especially difficult in the age of social media as you can easily fall into a pattern of comparison and feeling like your life sucks. Try to remember that their are those who would kill for your life. Just focus on adding more and more positive things to your life and before you know if you’ll be in awe of the life you get to live. In the meantime please remember to count your blessings everyday and realize how much you have! Don’t get so caught up in the day to day monotonous routine of life that you don’t value yourself. Set goals and accomplish them!

Enjoy Life!

Most importantly enjoy this journey. I always think about what I want to tell my grandkids or the memory I want to have on those I’ll leave behind. I want to be someone full of stories, experiences and adventures. I want to be the person telling everyone you really can do and be whoever you want to be and mean it. I want to have gone everywhere and done everything and tried it all. I just want to create a life that I love and one I never want or need a break from.

I hope you find these tips to be useful and use them to go out there and live your most authentic life! Please let me know if there is anything you would like me discuss.


“You’ll turn out ordinary if you’re not careful.” – Ann Brashares

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