Fifty Shades?

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who was avidly anticipating the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey film. I mean it’s been years since they originally released the news that a film was in the works. So when I went to watch it on Valentine’s Day. I left a bit disappointed, I mean Christian Grey err Jaime Dornan simply was not hot enough the image I had in my mind. And I know looks don’t matter and all that jazz but that’s kind of the point of the series – hot billionaire, put up with anything. So weeks after the film I was at target per usual and see Jaime and Dakota on the cover of Glamour magazine (images below – enjoy). And I thought to myself “why is he way hotter on the cover of this magazine”… and I mean way hotter? Hopefully they’ll get with it for the next film and let him have a beard as I am certain his beard is what does it. I mean have you seen him in The Fall on Netflix? I know super creepy him being a serial killer and what not but the fact that that character is more appealing than Christian is simply mind boggling to say the least. Now before I begin a rant on my obsession with Netflix … toodles.


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